Our Story

Artificial intelligence Personalization (Aiper), founded in 2016, is a revolutionary AI audio equipment brand that believes soulfully-engineered smart porducts should be available for everybody. At Aiper our vision is to make everyday life smarter and better for the many people. Our business idea’s vision is to offer a wide range of people, well crafted, functional AI electronic products at a price that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

Believe us if we truthfully say “Aiper makes your Life better"

What We Do

Every piece sold by Aiper tells a story. Our AI personalised smart systems, aka smart speakers and smart headphones and are all designed by renowned engineers and made from durable materials, with a single purpose in mind: to produce honest, authentic performance products. Our philosophy, which is based on a passion for AI and audio making, is to produce authentic sound and quality products  with bold design and superior craftsmanship. - CEO of Aiper, Richard W..

At Aiper we give freedom and power to people so that they can to enjoy life’s adventures. Our range of  and smart products make sure you get the most out of your AI products.

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Our Values

Bold Amplify your style - this is our mantra. Disenchanted by the soulless, mass-produced designs that filled the smart product market, we set out to offer a stylish alternative for the modern individual. Our designs are often surprising but always genuine. The wrong becomes the new right. By adding functions to a distinctive design, it acquires new aesthetic values, elevating them from a tech accessory to a design object with personality to treasure.

Passionate Aiper is stepping up to a new stage. We’re seeing the future, listening to new, to the world, and we’re listening to you. Taking cues from awesome feedback of AI lovers everywhere, our passionate team of AI and audio engineers work tirelessly to create longstanding favorites and strive to improve your Aiper experience through innovation.

Authentic As Charles Eames famously said, “the details are not the details, they make the product.” At Aiper, we test boundaries regularly and understand that our AI and audio products are only as strong as the stories they tell. So we create with heart, and we sell with soul.