Aiper, the Brand of Portable Power Packs Lands in Japan

By: time:2020-06-04

On July 2, we Aiper, a brand producer of the portable power pack, held a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, announcing that we are officially entering the Japanese market. Attending the press conference, there was also, kingsoft Japan, the listed company which will establish strategic cooperation with Aiper to gradually launch advanced power packs and folding solar panels.


Usually, portable power packs are used during natural disasters. Instead, Aiper not only promotes the portable solar power station as an emergency power supply but also for their use in daily situations such as camping and outdoor activities.


Nowadays, outdoor activities have become one of the most popular activities. Since charging stations cannot always be found in the wild, there is a great demand for an intelligent portable power supply for camping. The portable power pack produced by us with a large capacity for energy storage is designed to provide convenience for users both at home and in the outdoors.


In this press conference, we presented the FLASH-150W, DISCOVERER-300W, ELECTRO 500W, and 60W solar panels.


The actor YuJi also attended the conference, mentioning that he would like to have several products like FLASH-150w, which is both a powerful and compact tool to use at home or in the car.


FLASH-150w has proven to be a brilliant portable solar power station by the actor YuJi. He commented that he was deeply impressed by the LED display panel of each output terminal, and the use of its 8 output terminals can be clearly understood. As our portable power pack is equipped with USB, AC, DC output terminals, it can connect to a large variety of devices ranging from mobile phones to large household appliances.


The 8 output terminals of FLASH-150W work simultaneously (the DISCOVERER-300W even has 10 output ports) as in a bulky power station with a large capacity of energy storage, but with Aiper device keeping its structure small and light.


At the conference, the introduction of Aiper series portable power pack by our Japan CEO Wujin caught the attention of all attendees. Aiper series portable power pack is different from the ordinary portable power pack that can only be recharged by a wall charger. In fact, it can also be recharged by a car-mounted charger or solar energy, as long as there is sunlight. It goes without saying that there is no need to worry about our portable solar power stations running out of electricity.


Furthermore, we presented some remarkable features of our portable power supply for camping after the introduction. They can be transformed into a flashlight immediately, or even switch to SOS mode, which is absolutely a must feature for field lighting to help rescue.  



Today, the increasing number of portable solar power station fans has led to outdoor activities tools constant improvement.


As the portable power supply for camping has all the portable charging ports needed for outdoor activities, it has become popular among outdoor sportsmen. In addition, our DISCOVERER-300W with wireless charging function can even get rid of all kinds of USB data lines.


It can be used for camping and mountaineering, boating photography, or as a projector in the camp at night. For a light yet powerful storage product like Aiper series portable power pack, Mr. Tianzhong, a life experiencer, stated that it must be tried, especially in Japan, where there are many natural disasters.


This is because this kind of portable solar power station can also be used as an emergency power supply for disaster prevention, such as charging the medical devices or appliances in case of power failure due to disasters.


Aiper series portable power packs are recommended by kingsoft Japan for the diversified modern lifestyle, breaking the limitation of time and space, and striving to make the user in power. At the end of the conference, we expressed the intention to work with kingsoft Japan to bring more intelligent electricity experience to Japan.


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