Big Feast of Aiper in Kendal Mountain Festival

By: time:2020-06-05

From November 17 to 19, 2019, Aiper participated in the famous Kendal Mountain Festival, one of the most popular activities for adventurers across the world. The festival brings together a large number of international outdoor brands and adventure enthusiasts to share speeches, and outdoor movies, products, and related art exhibitions.


Being the second Chinese brand to take part in Kendall Mountain Festival and the co-sponsor of Film Summit, we received great enthusiasm. Our stand was set in the most prominent position of Shakleton tent by the UK team, which brings us a large visitor flow.


In this festival, two portable solar generators and compatible solar panels were presented. Each portable solar generator has an AC power outlet and a USB port suitable for all kinds of smart-phones, tablets, laptops, and some small appliances (such as fans and radiators).


The introduction of the functions of the portable solar generator at the event aroused the interest of a large number of attendees. A lot of outdoor sports enthusiasts standing in front of the stand wait to enjoy them in advance.


The user-friendly designs of our portable power pack are the LED display and the ways of power storage. 


With an LED display, you can check the power consumption and make a reasonable distribution. And the storage of energy mainly comes from three ways – wall chargers, car-mounted chargers, and solar energy. This means that when exploring in the wild, as long as having folding solar panels and enough sunlight, the portable power pack can be recharged anywhere at any time.


In fact, the purpose of this well-known festival is not only for products exhibition but for feedback collection.


As a user-oriented company, we always pay attention to the user's experience by constantly collecting the user's feedback to improve product performance better. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts at the event were willing to share their ideas after experiencing our portable power packs, giving a significant motivation to our further research and development.


In addition to brand promotion, we also took into account the identity of a representative to promote Chinese culture, which attracted a mounting number of attendees interested in Chinese culture. For instance, the presentation of Chinese mountains caught the eyes of an increasing number of travel fanatics.


Except for experiencing all our products during the festival, attendees were also provided with abundant small activities. For example, some were appealed to our free tattoo drawing; some used the portable solar generator on-site to charge their mobile phones, cameras, and other devices, gaining real experience with our products.


The exhibition during the Festival opens the door to the world for the attendant brands to show attraction. Meanwhile, it also builds a bridge between Aiper and our customers to allow attendees to get in touch with the high-quality, innovative portable power packs.

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