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10 Best Pool Accessories for Adults

The pool, in some ways, is iconic, and culturally it holds a special place in various civilizations and played host to many important moments in our personal lives. Pools are cool, refreshing, and relaxing, and they heal us - simply, we all love our pools. As time passes, though, we enjoy our pools less and often think of them as nuisances. How do we reinvigorate that love for our pools? How do we make our swimming experience more entertaining, dare I say, legendary?

An integral part of many homes, our children often retain many toys for their pool time play, but there seems to be something unfair about this - where are the pool toys for adults?

The reality is that adults don't need toys for their pools, they need accessories, and Aiper has identified and rounded up some of the best pool accessories to level up your pool experience.


1.Floating Pool Beds


Relax, browse your phone, and enjoy a cold drink - sounds great, right? Typically measuring 30x55 inches and holding around 250 pounds, pool beds are a versatile accessory for any pool. Easy to inflate and deflate, it's the perfect pool companion for a quick aquatic relaxation session.

2.Water Exercise Equipment

Water aerobics is making its way into more homes, including specially designed dumbbells and fitness kickboards that add a new element of resistance training for the aspiring athlete in your family. If you like to run, buy a water jogger that floats while running in place, this can slow down knee damage from street running.

3.Floating Waterproof Pool Speakers

Water and electronics, they don't mix, and most of us have lost a device to water at one point or another. If not, you've undoubtedly seen clips on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram where some activity went away, and someone's phone took an unexpected swim - never again to make a call or share a meme. Waterproof technology has come a long way and become much more commercial, and there is now a slew of waterproof speakers on the market, including floating ones. Crisp sound, powerful subwoofers, rich, crisp sound - this is no longer an indoor or in-ear luxury. Now we can bring the party outside or add a deeper level of relaxation with meditation music during our swim.

4.Outdoor Patio Cooler

There's nothing better than enjoying a cold drink by the pool on a hot summer day, especially when you've just finished your workout. An outdoor patio cooler keeps beverages chilled and booze within reach.

5.Multifunctional Table and Cooler Combo

If you're looking for an option that does more, aim for a table-cooler combo. Storage is essential, and refrigeration definitely enhances some of a pool day's perks, combo products like this completely round out your pool day upgrades.

6.Patio Umbrella

After a few hours in the pool, take a break from the sun. Patio Umbrellas are a stylish and practical addition to your yard, providing effective relief from the sun's rays and a refuge from rainy days.

7.Poolside Loungers

Poolside loungers combine excellently with your patio umbrella when you need to rest or take a nap after a swim. In addition, loungers can be used as space setters for parties or barbeques.

8.Personalized Pool Decor

Most families take pride in their yard's pool view, so it's necessary to make some aesthetic decorations highlighting their owner's personality. Iconic objects and signs can easily add a sense of ambiance, or you can highlight the space with natural plants to make your pool area a peaceful nature retreat.

9.Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaners


Maintaining a clean pool by hand is costly in terms of time and money and scrubbing the floors, walls, and water lines are simply not fun. If you want to reduce maintenance costs and increase cleaning efficiency, then a wireless robotic pool cleaner is the perfect choice to safely and reliably solve your troubles.

10.Pool Accessory Storage

Regardless of the space size, with the increase in pool accessories, you should need a storage box or shed to keep your pool space and small accessories organized and easily accessible.

Ultimately, no matter how you want to enjoy your family pool, we're sure these accessories will make pool life more fun. The next time you buy pool accessories for your kids, remember to buy something for yourself, too, because it's just as important for adults to have just as much fun.