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How do Cordless Aiper Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

You have either considered buying a robotic pool cleaner or just purchased one and are now wondering how it works besides reading the instructions for the machine. It’s actually as simple as plug-in and go. Read on for the background behind these amazing machines.

Charging your robotic pool cleaner

Aiper Seagull 600 charging technology

Before letting your pool cleaner do its job, definitely charge the machine, which will allow you to clean your swimming pool for anything from 50 to 180 minutes, depending on the model you purchased. You have probably guessed already that it’s best to buy the best machine for your budget to save you time charging and cleaning, and make sure it's the appropriate robot for your pool type.

Filtration and Cleaning

The cleaning action also depends on the model you have bought. For example, some robotic pool cleaners have scrapers, while others have deep cleaning brushes that scrub away at your swimming pool floor and sides while you relax or focus your attention elsewhere.

Robotic pool cleaners also have removable filter bags or trays to catch debris, and that can keep your pool skimmer from clogging up. As a result, they can usually be cleaned efficiently and quickly when they are full, and it’s definitely recommended that you check, empty and clean your robot after every cleaning session.

Aiper filter and cleaning for robotic pool cleaner

The filters’ sensitivity also varies according to the model, picking up anything from fine debris to small stones and insects though it may be best to remove any larger, heavier objects that have fallen into the pool beforehand.

Our extremely popular Aiper Seagull 3000 includes various modes for you to choose from depending on how you need your pool cleaned. This includes:

  • Pool walls only
  • Floor and walls
  • Triple cleaning floors
  • Lightly scrubbing walls

You can set these options right from the AIPER app.

The level of cleaning also depends on how frequently you use your swimming pool, though it’s best to clean your pool every day you use it.


Similarly, the power of your machine varies according to the price and subsequent functionality. For example, robotic pool cleaners have anywhere from one to triple motors that dictate the speed it moves around the pool, scrubbing and cleaning as it goes.

Robotic pool cleaners such as the Aiper Seagull 1500 have a powerful 65w motor that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine.

Low battery mode

Many robotic pool cleaners have a low battery indicator that tells you when to recharge the battery for the next round of cleaning. Similarly, some machines, including the AIPER Seagull 600 have auto- parking technology that lets you know when it‘s time to charge up by navigating to the side of the swimming pool and resting, ready to be collected using a rope cord or hook.

And AIPER seagull 600 have a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery, that allows the robotic pool cleaner to run for up to 50 minutes before it has to be recharged. It’s ideal for small above ground pools.

Cordless technology

AIPER’s cordless technology sets it apart from its competitors and also prevents the danger of people, especially children, from tripping over any cords that are lying around. This cordless technology is the big why behind the AIPER technology: Simple, smart cleaning solutions.


Depending upon the model you select, it will navigate your pool differently. At a lower investment, it may simply use a smart route to clean the bottom of your pool.

As you make a greater investment into your robotic pool cleaner, it can learn a repeatable route that maximizes both how clean your pool will be, as well as efficiently utilizing each and every battery charge.

Aiper robotic pool cleaning directional technology

The Aiper Seagull 3000 even includes auto-turning technology that allows the robotic pool cleaner to travel with the flow of your swimming pool. This means that the machine can clean 30% more of the pool without requiring a recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a robotic pool cleaner be left in the pool?
It’s not recommended to leave your pool cleaner in the pool as it exposes the cleaner to the elements unnecessarily.

Is a robotic pool cleaner worth it?
If you don’t want to vacuum your swimming pool yourself or hire someone to do it, then a robotic pool cleaner is worth it to save you time and money in the long run. Even if you do have a pool service, a robot can keep the pool clean in between visits.

How are pool robots powered?
Corded pool robots plug into a power unit while they clean the pool, whereas the power of cordless units comes from charging the unit before removing it to place in the pool where it cleans.

How long does a robot take to clean a pool?
A robotic pool cleaner can take anywhere from 50 minutes to 2 hours to clean a swimming pool, depending on the power and efficiency of the cleaner.

When you know how your pool cleaner works, you can then make the right purchase for your needs and look after the machine overall. If you are in doubt, contact Aiper.com’s help desk, which will also answer your questions.

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