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How to Pick the Best Robotic Cleaner for Your Above Ground Pool

When looking for a pool cleaner, you want to make the best decision according to your pool type. This involves several factors from whether your pool is above ground, or in-ground. 

This guide, in two parts, discusses the differences between these two options and why certain robotic pool cleaners are better for one than the other.

In particular, this page discusses above ground pool cleaners. If you have an in-ground, you should read How to Pick the Best Robotic Cleaner for Your In-Ground Pool.


The robotic vacuums that sit at the high value, lower investment range are the best for cleaning above ground pools as they are more lightweight and aligned with the cleaning needs of an above ground pool. They’re also specifically designed for smaller pools, so they don’t need larger battery packs and other components that can add to the cost and slow down the unit.

When picking the right robot for your budget, consider whether you need the extra functionality that would be required for a larger pool.

Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners from Aiper

Depending on how your pool is covered, it is more likely to get dirty if it is above ground and even more so if your garden is leafy with many trees. Therefore the robotic pool cleaners’ suction power must be sufficient to clean on a deeper level. 

An above ground pool is also unlikely to have the water circulation system that an inground pool would have and, therefore. even more likely

Below are several of the best cleaners for your above ground pool.

The AIPER cordless Robotic Vacuum 600 (2022 Upgrade) 

Aiper Seagull 600 above ground robotic pool cleaner

The Aiper Seagull 600 is one such model that will suit your needs as it weighs only 6.5lbs.

It can clean most above ground pools in as little as 50 minutes, and it will park itself near a wall when done for easy retrieval with the included pole.

The Seagull 600 is one of our most popular models, and priced to fit any budget.

The AIPER Orca 800 Mate

Aiper Orca 800 above ground robotic pool cleaner

Another excellent robotic cleaning machine for your above ground pool as it cleans up to 33ft in diameter pools, which is just over the maximum length of above ground pools. The machine has a cord that extends to 33ft.

The Aiper Orca 800 also has three pre-set modes that you can choose that determine how long each cleaning session is in three hourly increments.

AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner 1000

Aiper Seagull 1000 above ground robotic pool cleaner

AIPER's 1000 model is a powerful robotic in ground/over ground pool cleaner that cleans pools up to 50ft. It has self-parking technology and comes with a large 5000mAh rechargeable battery, which allows for up to 90 minutes of cleaning time. 

The machine also has a robust cleaning brush, ensuring a shiny finish. Other functions include low battery detection and a floating rope for easy collection from the pool.

You can learn more about all of our above ground robotic pool cleaners here.

Key Factors for Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The most important things to consider when shopping for above ground pool cleaners:

Pool size and shape - You’ll need to select a model designed for your pool, especially if you have a large or unusually shaped above ground pool.

Floor type - Pools will either have a flat bottom, or be slightly concave (as most above grounds are.  Make sure the model you select is made to ride smoothly along the floor type your pool has.

Corded vs. Cordless - In many cases, this is personal preference.  But if you have a larger above ground pool, and you decide on a corded model, you’ll need to be sure the cord is long enough to cover the entire pool area (including from where you plug it in).

Make the Right Choice

When shopping any of our robotic pool cleaners on our site, you can easily compare models at the bottom of the page. This makes life so much easier.

So pick out your robotic pool cleaner, and start having a more enjoyable summer today!

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