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More About Aiper Seagull 1500 Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

With the hot summer months upon us, swimming is back! We want to help you get into the pool quicker by keeping your pool clean and always swim-ready. 

The leading pool cleaning solutions include:

  • Manual cleaning with hand tools.
  • Manual cleaning with power tools.
  • Automatic cleaning with wired/wireless pool cleaners.

Keeping up with technological trends that save users both time and money, more pool owners are switching to robotic pool cleaners to clean their pools, with cordless models being more sought after as they eliminate unnecessary hassle and give more control.


The First Branded Cordless Pool Cleaning Robot

I investigated the cordless pool cleaning robots to hit the market in 2019 and its company, Aiper. Today, Aiper has four different models of cordless pool robots, all in their Seagull series. There are a surprising number of differences between each product, giving consumers the flexibility and choice according to their needs and their budget. Here I will introduce the features and benefits of Aiper's Seagull 1500 cordless pool cleaning robot.


Product Advantages and Features

Firstly, the Seagull 1500 is powered by three motors and has a water flow rate of up to 44 GPM, with a large 0.18mm filter that cleans and contains dirt.

Secondly, compared to other brands and models in the industry, the Seagull 1500 is wireless! With an 8600 mAh rechargeable battery and a maximum operating time of 90 minutes on a full charge, the Seagull 1500 can meet the cleaning needs of most household pools as it features autonomous path planning.

Finally, the Seagull 1500 uses a PVC roller brush strong enough to match the suction power, which means that it can better clean dirt stuck to the bottom of the pool but also helps while cleaning climbing the pool wall.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are critical to many people, and if something seems like a product is worth their money. Reviews are a true reflection of both quality and customer satisfaction. I obtained two representatives and referenced genuine customer reviews from official and third-party sources.

  1. I'm excited to use this weekly and report more later, but happy to endorse this product just hours after receiving it. Quality seems excellent, and performance is outstanding.

——Kevin S.(20/04/2022)——Verified Purchase

  1. It runs the full 90 minutes on a charge and takes less than 6 hours to re-charge. The little guy sucks up all the leaves and 'crud' from my 33x16 poolsides and bottom and scrubs the tile line. Excellent price point, Great performance. Cordless. Highly recommend.

——Luke(25/03/2022)——Verified Purchase


Click here to go to the product page of Aiper Seagull 1500

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope this post has been of some help to you in your life, and I send my best wishes to everyone.


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