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Features You Need to Know About the Aiper Seagull 3000


A swimming pool is one of the luxuries in life many people aspire to own. However, people become overwhelmed and pass up on this luxury when they think about pool cleaning.

How is Aiper Solving This?

Aiper, the world leader in cordless pool cleaning for the past five years, has been making waves in a market previously dominated by corded pool cleaners. Aiper Enterprises researched the problems that make life difficult for pool owners and set out to solve those problems. Say goodbye to tangled cords, tripping hazards, and wasted power due to electrical leakage with Aiper's line of cordless pool cleaners.


What is the Seagull 3000 Cordless Pool Cleaner all about?

Cordless pool cleaners have gotten rid of the annoying cables. Still, they have also introduced a new set of problems—built-in batteries with limited capacity, low power, weak suction, short run times, and operating challenges.

[Image: Contrast Chart]

To combat these problems, Aiper introduced the Seagull 3000, a true game-changer in the cordless pool cleaner market with its creative floating battery design. The Seagull 3000 is a modern, hands-free pool cleaner, helping you bring the fun back to your backyard and returning that new pool feel.

Innovative Design

Despite the convenience, people are cautious about cordless pool cleaners due to perceived poor performance. A robust power station and floating battery were Aiper and the Seagull 3000's solution to this problem. The innovative 7800mAh floating battery provides power to the cleaner giving the Seagull 3000 120 minutes of runtime, 120W of suction power, and the ability to clean pools up to 3229ft².

[Gif: Clean-up display chart]

The floating battery guarantees a larger power supply and offers a stable Bluetooth connection to connect to the intelligent APP—cable-free, hands-free, and hassle-free.

Unrivaled Performance

Aiper built the Seagull 3000 with a powerful 120W motor twice as strong as the competitors - driving more potent suction at any angle for a cleaner pool. It's tough enough to suck down sturdy leaves and crushed stones, clearing your pool of your least-loved debris.

[Image: Clean-up display chart 2]

But it's not all big numbers. The Seagull 3000 also collects the tiniest debris with one of the most accurate filtration systems in any cleaner, capable of cleaning particles as small as 180µm, while the collection tray keeps those particles from floating back into your pool water.

Superior Ability

With its triple-motor system, the Seagull 3000 uses durable PVC brushes and possesses superb traction that allows it to clean every surface of your pool - floor, walls, waterline, and everything in between. All with a robot that doesn't break the bank or get caught up in cords.

[Image: Climbing]

2 Hours On A Single Charge

The Seagull 3000 runs the cleaning gauntlet with its 7800mAh power station floating above it. That's enough power to clean your pool at full strength for 2 hours, while most cleaners quit after only 90 minutes. The Seagull 3000's ferocious battery is capable of powering a complete clean for pools up to 3229 sq. ft on a single charge - that's enough to clean six average-size pools.

[Gif: 2 hours]

Smart Driver

Most pool robots move in three directions: right, left, and straight ahead. What about all those spaces in between? The Seagull 3000 was made to clean from all angles. Utilizing smart auto-turning technology to help it go in any direction and work with the flow of your pool, the Seagull 3000 cleans up to 30% more area than other robots, making it the ideal cleaner for pools of different shapes. 

[Gif: Auto-turning]

Customize Plans

The Aiper App offers four different cleaning plans to meet the various cleaning needs of your pool — cleaning only walls,floor and walls together, triple cleaning the floors, and giving the walls a light scrub. If you notice a part of your pool that needs a little more TLC, you can use the Aiper App to adjust the settings or change the course of your Seagull 3000. [Image: Customize Plans]

Remote Control

Every pool has those hard-to-reach places. With the manual mode of the Aiper App, you can control your Seagull 3000 remotely. If you see a spot that needs extra attention, grab your phone and steer the Seagull manually for better underwater cleaning, or drive it up the wall to your hands when the jobs done.

[Gif: Remote Control]

All Shapes, Sizes, and Surfaces

The Seagull 3000 clean pools of any shape, size, or surface and possesses enough power to crawl up cement, fiberglass, or vinyl plastic walls, with smart maneuvering to go everywhere in even the oddest shaped pools. Whether your pool is shallow or deep, in-ground or above, circle, square, or kidney, the Seagull 3000 will clean it, so you can get back to enjoying it.

[Image: All Shapes, Sizes, and Surfaces]

Tester Review

Over the past weeks, Aiper randomly invited previous customers to join our Beta Test Program and try out the Seagull 3000. Aiper's goal was to get authentic feedback from real users.

Their comments and reviews have been extraordinary, with many of them giving a thumbs-up to the Seagull 3000's cleaning performance and versatility. Check out what they had to say after trying it out for themselves.

[Image: Tester Review]

YouTuber Review

See how Seagull 3000 cleans the ultra-dirty pool in under 4 mins.

The above is the entire content of this article. Aiper Seagull 3000 is expected to be updated on this site in August. Don't forget to follow Aiper on social channels to ensure you're not missing anything.


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