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Would You Choose A Corded Pool Robot To Clean The Pool Or A Cordless Pool Robot?

Keeping Your Pool Crystal Clean Has Never Been This Easy!

Are you frustrated trying to get your traditional pool cleaner to keep your pool clean and swim-ready?Discover how the Aiper Cordless Pool Cleaner could be the right tool to keep your pool clean all summer long.

Over the years, Aiper noticed the appeal of a refreshing pool experience. A warm swim in the afternoon, a quick dip into the cool morning water, or a late-night floating with friends - each of these activities drastically faded due to the constant maintenance of people's pools. Our lives are busier than ever, and no one has enough time to properly maintain their pools. 

We're going to detail why you should dump traditional cleaning methods and experience a cordless cleaning robot. 

Aiper— Lightweight Pool Cleaner

Aiper's cordless pool robot cleaner doesn't just clean up pool debris but also scrubs your pool’s floor and walls, leaving you with crystal clear pool water. Power performance ensures thorough cleaning, and its super lightweight, easy to use, and features anti-rollover technology. Simply, an Aiper pool cleaner will take care of the pool cleaning, so you can take care of the swimming!

Here are some more amazing features of Aiper Cordless Pool Cleaners:

  • Thorough Cleaning With Optimum Efficiency.

An advanced mobility system uses multi-directional water jets, enabling a constant grip on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. Aiper's efficiently climb the walls of your pool up to the surface, collecting floating debris and ensuring your pool walls, surface, and waterline are pristinely clean.

  • Lightweight & Easy-to-Use.

Placing or removing the Aiper Cordless Pool Cleaner from your pool is super easy. Featuring a quick-water release system and a lightweight and highly ergonomic design - Aiper pool cleaners are simply effortless to use.

  • 80+ GPM Filtration Speed.

The built-in dual inlets efficiently filter water at the rate of over 80 gallons of water per minute. It's the perfect speed to make your water crystal-clear and swim-ready on demand.

  • High-Quality Brushes

Removing debris and dirt from your pool can be challenging without the right technology. Luckily, the Aiper Robot Cleaner is equipped with four PVC sponge roller brushes that scrub your pools surfaces. The suburb grip forcefully attacks most debris from bugs to leaves, and more, making it ideal for cleaning up in-ground and above-ground pools.

  • Plug & Play

With its scheduling feature, you can schedule your robotic cleaner to automatically clean your pool for 1, 2, or 3 hours. With the advanced scheduling system, you don't need to turn on the robotic pool cleaner manually; instead, you can simply allow the entire automatic process to be completed for you without lifting a finger.

  • Strong, Durable Filter

Containing a large top-loading filter system that holds large quantities of debris, dirt, junk, and grime your Aiper will pamper your pool time and time again, collecting and holding onto the debris so you can get back to living life. 


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