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  • Our story

    The inspiration behind Aiper comes from a story of a father’s love for his son. In the summer of 2017, we received a letter from an old customer and friend named Jason. His son tripped on the long wire of a corded pool cleaner that he was using, fell, and struck his head He comforted his little boy and promised he’d never get hurt again. A personal touch and innovation, this is how we at Aiper develop our products. Aiper’s cordless robotic pool cleaner was born at that moment. The cordless feature making pool cleaning simpler, and safer. Compact, lightweight, and safe battery operated, Aiper create the best gift for people to enjoy their pools daily.

    When we go to our backyard, we want to feel like we’ve entered our own personal oasis, with more family time, rather than having to deal with the nagging reminders of tedious household chores. To hire someone to clean your pool or lawn will cost around a hundred dollars each time. Time and cost make backyard cleaning an unpleasant experience at the best of times. Aiper, for an extraordinary life, holds the mission to create simple and smart outdoor cleaning solutions. Our humble begging’s are in pool cleaners, where industry products at the time were cumbersome, expensive, outdated and just downright inefficient. We came into the space with the intention to save people time & money and to change how they'd clean their pools and backyards forever.

    A lot of what's now taken for granted such as cordless pool cleaning, pool wall climbing, gyroscope intelligent path planning and auto-swerve technology, are all thanks to our outstanding R&D team. Our technology has helped people save countless hours that you get to spend doing what you love. Spend more quality time with your family, enjoy the hard-earned fruits of your labor, and let us take care of the dirty work for your backyard. We're proud of the results we've been able to achieve over the past few years, bringing convenient, innovative cleaning products to more families and their pools. Aiper has become the pioneer and the No.1 leader for cordless robotic pool cleaners, and we are also making endless efforts for the entire backyard cleaning.

  • Our technology

    Aiper has been creating simple, smart, and innovative outdoor cleaning solutions with leading edge technologies and historical breakthroughs. With a sharp sense of market demands and aiming to solve people's pain points, Aiper's R&D team were born with honors and keeps developing fascinating technologies and innovations that will continue to shape the market far into the future. Our current advanced technologies mainly include:

    - Cordless Feature - what's now taken for granted used to be a major pain point for a lot of people. The story of a little boy tripping on a corded robotic cleaner lit a fire in us. Besides, being limited by a cable that creates a tangled mess, it was clear that it was causing an unpleased experience for too many people. Aiper developed this feature to protect more kids, unbinding the restraint of complex and messy cable, reducing the heavy weight of the corded robotic pool cleaner, making life easier and more compact. Aiper has already become the pioneer and No. 1 leader in cordless robotic pool cleaner.

    - Triple-axis Drive Motors with Auto-swerve Technology - we noticed that the actual cleaning coverage of most pool cleaners was lackluster at best, averaging 60-80%. There were several reasons for that, such as the gearing system on older models giving them limited mobility, the randomized routes they would take, or their inability to remove more difficult algae and debris from pools. Having looked at the root cause of the issue, our R&D team created the first fully geared cordless pool cleaner. Its intelligent cleaning modes meant no more randomized routes, the 3-axis motors not only allowed it to auto swerve for a wider cleaning coverage, but it can also climb and clean the walls of pools. Cleaning rates shot up to well over 90% +, elevating the industry to a new level.

    - Gyroscope Technology for Intelligent Route Planning - in the current market of robotic pool cleaners, the cleaning routes for most products are random with the outdated back-and-forth method. It moves straight from one side to the other side of the pool, then hits the wall and goes back. Quite frequently, it gets stuck somewhere or it doesn't have satisfactory cleaning coverage. Aiper input gyroscopic technology into its robots - computing, intelligent scanning, and planning for the cleanest routes. Small cleaning coverage and randomized routes are now a thing of the past.

    - Low Battery Self-Parking Technology - in most cases of corded robotic pool cleaners, we found that after each cleaning cycle was complete, people have to strongly pull the cable in order to drag it out of the pool. Combined with water pressure and resistance, there’s a real risk that cables snap or are worn out more quickly. Aiper’s cordless robots were an amazing resolution to this risk. Now the latest issue is: what if the battery runs out and the bot stays in the middle of the pool? It would be crazy to get it out of the pool by jumping into the water yourself. With our latest technology, Low Battery Self-Parking, it stops along the side of the pool wall automatically after its’ completely a cleaning cycle, or when the battery is low. It’s now a piece of cake to retrieve it back with the included hook, creating an easy, hassle-free experience!

  • Our future

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    To lead innovation in outdoor smart cleaning

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    Create simple, smart cleaning solutions