Portable Solar Generator SystemPortable Solar Generator SystemPortable Solar Generator SystemPortable Solar Generator System

With a charging conversion as high as 23%, you can make full use of sunlight and convert it to electricity

Conversion As High As 23%Conversion As High As 23%

When the battery of your portable power station is more efficient, it’s good not only for you but also for the environment. Our high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panels ensure a higher photoelectric conversion. In other words, get the most out of your battery with Aiper!

Two Panels, One GoalTwo Panels, One Goal

Connect the two boards of the 100W solar panel. Charge your device at twice the speed!

Bring it Everywhere With YouBring it Everywhere With You

The Aiper SP100W is a foldable solar panel in the size of a laptop. With a weight of only 8.81 lbs, you can lift it and carry it in one hand.

PET Matte PanelPET Matte Panel

Adopting high-transmittance PET matte panel, the back use waterproof 600D polyester, combined with high-quality integrated production technology, the solar panel has a long service life and is splash-proof.

45 Degree Stable Kickstands45 Degree Stable Kickstands

The stable kickstands are convenient for placing solar panels and can adjust the angle up to 45 degrees at any time to collect more power from the sun.

01 Foldable panel
02 PET waterproof material
03 Stabillizing bracket
User-friendly DesignUser-friendly Design

The Aiper SP 100W is proof that you can get the best specs without overcomplicating things. With its small size, it’s a concentrate of technology and convenience! Use its built-in dual UDB stable output system to charge several devices at the same time, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras. And the list is virtually endless.

Unfolded Size 1420*520*4mm
Folded Size 520*350*26mm
Weight about 4kg
Portable Solar Power Station

Use the Aiper portable power supply to convert solar energy to electricity and store it in this power pack. It’s perfect for your outdoor adventures and it can protect you against power failures.

3-5 Hours
(with full sun)
6-8 Hours
(with full sun)
12-14 Hours
(with full sun)
(Not recommended)
*Ps:The test data will fluctuate up and down due to light intensity, current, equipment or other unstable factors. The test data is only for reference. The data comes from aiper lab.
With a charging conversion as high as 23%, you can make full use of sunlight and convert it to electricity.
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