Lightest Ultra-Large Capacity Battery

The smart robust and reliable portable power station generator for all your outdoor adventures

Lightest Ultra-Large Capacity Battery Lightest Ultra-Large Capacity Battery

Lightweight but with 209880 mAh large capacity, you can take it with you to charge various devices wherever and whenever you need.

panasonic battery UL, PSE etc. certified
multi-port output can charge 8 devices at the same time
3 charging ways can meet your ourd-oor needs
LCD Screen real-time battery ca-pacity display
multi-protection intelligent BMS system
pure sine wave
Smart inverter system Smart inverter system

Adopts with brand new inverter system that enhances power-limitation fuction and faster short-circuit protection function. Then, your devices and the power station can be effectively protected, and will not cause any circuit damage.

Panasonic battery Panasonic battery

UL, PSE etc. certified. The battery itself is with built-in short-circuit protection, "propagating combustion-proof", "fire leak-proof", and advanced charging control safety technology. Panasonic company participates in design and development of the battery pack, further improves the safety performance.

3 Charging Ways, 1000 Usage Modes 3 Charging Ways, 1000 Usage Modes

No limit for charging any more. You can choose charging ways according to different scenarios. Regular AC charging for indoor,car/solar panel charging for outdoor. Plug and play, anytime and anywhere.

Multi-ports Output, Meet Your Outdoor Needs
Multi-ports Output, Meet Your Outdoor Needs

AC/USB/Car charging, 3 output modes. Can meet all your needs for charging. DISCOVERER 300 has 8 independent ports, compatible with 8 devices at the same time.

Mechanical Equilibrium
Comfortable Carry Mechanical Equilibrium
Comfortable Carry

The overall design adopts the theory of mechanical equilibrium, maintains the balance of power when carrying, releases the pressure of wrists.The handle adopts the ergonomic design, perfect radian to suit our palms, increases comfortable feel

Volume 345*159*245mm
Weight 8.5kg(18.73lb)
Expand the Possibilities with Accessories Expand the Possibilities with Accessories

Get creative with accessories


Easily-stored in RVs and trailers, the DISCOVERER 600W capacity provides reliable
                   power support for your RV or Van.

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